Monday, June 8, 2009

Frugal Homeschool Prom

Dress: Goodwill $4.99 (never-worn shoes also from Goodwill, $3.99)

Corsage: made by me from backyard flowers (daylilies, clover, blue sage, vinca, rosemary, lavender)

We took ginger-ale/lemonade punch with frozen raspberries, plus homemade sugar cookies.

It is good to have friends.

It is good to have friends with handsome brothers.

It is good to swing dance and waltz and troika and do the Cotton-Eyed Joe at your high-school prom, and to fall into bed at your friend's house at 1 a.m. and wear her best skirt to Mass the next day, because it looks so nice with your shoes of the night before.

It is good to be fifteen, and to know that with imagination and $20, you can do a heck of a lot.


jdostalik said...

She looks just stunning and so do her friends! :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to you all! With love, Margie

the SnowMamma said...

We did the same thing! Of course times 3, but Salvation Army helped us a lot with Prom. Not sure I'd do anything different, ever.

We also made homemade corsages also, only they didn't make it through the night. The only one that did was the one with store bought flowers. The others all wilted.

Would love to pick your brain on how you assembled them for future reference.

Glad she had a good time. I'm so thankful that we can still give them this even though they homeschool.

Mrs. T said...

Well, our corsage didn't make it through the night, either, but it was pretty while it lasted. The best ones I've ever made were for a friend's wedding last fall -- she had sunflowers and I forget what else, bought from some Hmong farmers who sell at the Downtown Memphis Farmer's Market. THOSE were gorgeous flowers, and they lasted beautifully. I have some pictures of them in an album on my Facebook page.

I taped these together, and then I stitched them to a hair elastic so that she could put them on her wrist. I tied the ends with a satin bow -- the only ribbon I could find in the entire house -- off a Talbot's package we'd gotten for Christmas.

This was a fabulous prom: a mom in our parish teaches Irish dance, which is how all these teenagers know each other, and she did a ceili prom, with called folk dances. They also had some ballroom dancers from the local college come over to teach them to waltz, etc. All the kids brought food and friends -- they had about 75 in attendance, almost too many to make sets in the church hall. It was a blessedly no-date kind of thing, with everyone dancing with everyone, though apparently there were more girls than boys, and some of the boys didn't want to dance. They're toying with the idea of having dance cards, as in Jane Austen, next year, so that people have to commit to dance with each other for at least one dance.

Ellyn said...

Absolutely lovely!!!

(And it's so nice to hear a happy prom story...nothing scandalous and not a hint of financial despair. Lovely.)

pauler said...

This has made my day - thanks for sharing. I am so weary of affluent teenagers with a sense of entitlement and parents who feel that good parenting involves helping their children avoid consequences... but I digress. They all looked lovely and it appears a good time was had by all.

Pentimento said...

How beautiful! She looks stunning. It sounds like a wonderful evening!