Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hymn List for Trinity Sunday at Saint Dymphna's

Everybody sing!

Holy Holy Holy
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
How Wonderful, the Three-in-One (tune:  Praetorius' "Puer Nobis")
All Hail, Adored Trinity (the tune in our hymnal is "Old Hundredth," but I like this one better)

Tonight at the Vigil Mass, I'm cantoring by myself;  for a second piece at Communion I think I'll just chant the "Ave Verum Corpus."

Tomorrow it'll be two, maybe three of us, singing a capella because our organist is off at her fifty-fifth high-school reunion, and the substitute has a regular Sunday-morning gig at a Lutheran church. So it goes in a small-town parish. Anyway, our choice for a second Communion hym is "Anima Christi" in as many parts as we have people to sing them.  (Hear more of Psallamus here). H/T

And now  I've got to bestir myself  to clean up the yard and house, because tomorrow an  unspecified number of people are coming over for a potluck and hymn-sing, which will also involve some bluegrass and, if we drink enough mint juleps, more Latin translations of Bob Dylan.

Lest anyone entertain the mistaken notion that we're musical purists around here or anything . . . we just like sangin',  honey. We just like sangin'.

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