Friday, October 8, 2010

Poetry Friday

As it turns out, a novelist, not a poet, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, so there goes that Poetry Friday post idea.

On the other hand, Seamus Heaney, a Nobel Laureate, has just won the Forward Prize for his twelfth poetry collection, Human Chain. You can hear him read from several of his poems, including the beautiful "Mossbawn Sunlight," here.

And you can see him read, in a video from 2002.

(I tried to embed the video, but the code didn't work, so this post has wound up with less visual interest than I had hoped for. Go to the reading anyway.)

Poetry is, after all, the word-hoard meant to be heard.

Thanks to Carol's Corner for hosting Poetry Friday this week.


probably too tired to be steve said...

You should not, however, watch Donald Justice read. It's disrespectful. As the poet Robert Allen once noted, "Justice is blind," which is true enough, though he was thrown out of class for so noting.

Sally Thomas said...

Heh. Actually, I think I did see Donald Justice read. He was at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference the same summer I was (actually, I think he was always there; I was only there the one time).