Monday, February 27, 2012

Lenten Sonnet #6


She’s had her thyroid levels checked. All normal.
Still she wakes up tired. The sunlight’s weight
On the quilt’s like that of a heavy, slow, diurnal
Predator – a sloth? Do sloths eat meat? –

Waiting for her to stir. The house, too,
Crouches all around her like a pride
Of vacuum cleaners. It's a hostile petting zoo
Where she gets to proffer her gritty cup of Tide

To the sulking washer. Even her teeth demand
Attention. Brush brush brush. Up-down, up-down.
Bathe the dreary body. Lift the hand
So the comb falls through the hair. But first, this nightgown:

Why take it off? Why dress as if the day
Expected anything? Why attempt it? Why – be?  


Unknown said...

Oh. You wrote a poem about me.


Sally Thomas said...

Funny, I thought I was writing a poem about me.

Jan said...

No, no....I'm pretty sure it was about me

lissla lissar said...

Nope. Me. Definitely me.

Unknown said...

I did actually have my thyroid checked last week. I was so hoping that they would find something they could give me a pill for.


Sally Thomas said...

I know. I was so sure I was in thyroid failure. It would have explained so much.

Meanwhile, bummer for all of us, right?

Sally Thomas said...

Vitamin D and a lot of protein/limited carbs really, really help the physical aspect of it all, though. I guess all that helps the spiritual condition is frequent confession.