Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lenten Sonnet #33

Examination of Conscience

Yes, I’ve done that. Yes, I’ve done that, too.
In fact, if we peruse the Deadly Sins,
We see my name on them, their name on me: 
Wrath, greed, pride, sloth, lust and gluttony –
And envy, when I wish that I were you

Instead of me. Each examen begins
With yes, as if I came to name my own
Dead body on a slab. Yes, yes, that’s me.
That pink wrinkle of a scar on my right knee
Gives me away, that error on my skin’s 

Clean record, that lie I told when I was nine.
Just skinned, that’s all. These band-aids? Nothing . . . Only
The mouth beneath them told the truer story.
I peeled them off me, one by painful one.


Margaret said...

Thank you, this is something I needed to read to "collect my thoughts" here during Lent. God bless all you do! Love, Margie

Sally Thomas said...

Thank you, Margie.