Monday, March 19, 2012

This Is Becoming Not So Easy

Urk. Just saying.


Ma said...

Ahhh, but they are all so good! I love your sonnets!
Take a break....drink lots of to some wild 80’s will come to you. (okay, I’m just kiddin’)

steve said...

If it were easy, everybody would be writing sonnets every day.

We'd be calling each other up and chatting in blank verse:

My dearest child, is all your homework done?
Remember, please to take the garbage out.

You're at 27 mostly consecutive all very good sonnets, whereas I have relapsed into prosaic and desultory subsistence after two sorry limericks.

Hang in there.

Sally Thomas said...

Oh, just feeling the burn a little here. It's probably not very Lenten to whine. "Do not be like the hypocrites, &c."

Actually, this is a good place to be, in that I'm looking at every possible configuration of 14 lines known to humanity . . . I have a book of 101 sonnets, which has possibly the most irritating editorial notes of any collection of poetry I've ever read, but which showcases a huge range of variations in the form, including unrhymed sonnets, which I've told myself I won't do, because to me that just seems like a 14-line poem, not a sonnet. I keep trying to make myself try a 5-4-5 stanza configuration, but just can't get past quatrains somehow.

Anyway, starting to think, "Oh, no. I have to write my sonnet . . . " But again, it's not very Lenten to complain.

As you've probably heard, Steve, some huge percentage of speech in English actually does fall into the rhythms of iambic pentameter. At least, I've heard that. So in fact we probably are speaking to each other in blank verse more than we realize.

And I thought the limericks were fun. Still a few Sundays to go.

Sally Thomas said...

Also, I could be talking about Lent in general. Urk. So good for us, but urk.

Unknown said...

Well, having committed my self to writing about the stations everyday, I pretty much felt that way about the first one.

I love your sonnets. I love starting my day with them.


Sally Thomas said...

That's what keeps me going. I gave a talk on sonnet-writing and spiritual discipline to a women's group last week, and in mentioning the importance of accountability, I said that one crucial rule I had set for myself was that Janet would start every day with a sonnet. So there you go.

Janet Cupo said...

I guess I said that before, huh.


Sally Thomas said...

Well, but I remembered it.

Janet Cupo said...

That's good. Another 15 years and you won't remember anything.


Sally Thomas said...

What's good?

Sally Thomas said...

I seem to remember remembering something, but I really can't remember . . .