Sunday, April 8, 2012

Regina Coeli Two Ways

Here's the Marian antiphon for Eastertide, for them that likes the Latin, and for them that likes the English (and also can't get enough of the tune "Easter Hymn"):  

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Jan said...

How I envy your ability to effortlessly hit that E...sigh:)

Sally Thomas said...

Deep breaths. Throat Coat tea. And my musical seminarian friend Josh says to visualize throwing a frisbee at the high notes.

Seriously, my range used to be a lot lower and more limited -- I was always a second alto, very comfortable singing about four notes either side of middle C. This mezzo-y thing is much more fun! You just gotta go for it.

Sally Thomas said...

Actually, I think the climb up to that E is a little ragged. Either it's the pollen, or I'm getting sick.