Friday, November 23, 2012

Beat the Rush

It's not Advent yet. No no no. Advent does NOT begin this Sunday. If you were panicking, take a deep breath and eat a tryptophan sandwich, because there's still time to start thinking about thinking about thinking about preparing to get ready for Christmas.

In fact, if you were waking to sleep and taking your Black Friday slow (as I intend to), time is on your side, at least where book-buying is concerned. Now, heretofore Lulu has run some very nice sales offering 20% off all purchases, but look at what's happening now. 51% off all calendars! And 30% off everything else, including . . . wait for it . . . Brief Light:  Sonnets and Other Small Poems. 

So if you missed the giveaway, and if you've missed the previous sales, never fear. The deals only get better, apparently. But in case they don't, you might opt to do your shopping between now and Tuesday.


The code word is DELIRITAS, and the dealie is case-sensitive. A lot of people (not just readers here) seem to experience problems in getting the system to accept these promotional codes, so if this happens to you, please let me know and I'll report it.


lissla lissar said...

Did I cause this post by my panic? :) Good thing- I'll be buying and sending copies soon.

You know, I am so sleep deprived that it seemed logical to end every sentence above with question marks. I think I need mroe caffeine.

Sally Thomas said...

No, but I was thinking of you, and of several other people I've encountered lately, including our DRE, who have thought that this Sunday was Advent 1. I've had to go back and check multiple times myself, just to make sure it really wasn't.