Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reading (You, Maybe)

So, ages ago I was writing this story on a private blog to which about five of you were subscribed. Those five people, who had gotten all caught up in the story, were really really nice about the fact that I don't write in a straightforward, linear, "gotta finish Book Seven before the fans start camping out in the kitchen" kind of way. That is, I am not (your favorite author of addictive fiction series here) -- which, I guess, is why, whatever name you inserted in the favorite author of addictive fiction series blank, it probably wasn't mine. Or . . . something. What was I saying?

Oh, right. I was saying that ages ago I was writing this story, but then I didn't know what was supposed to happen next, so I stopped. I put it on pause until such time as I did know what was supposed to happen next. Of course, wouldn't you know that a year or more would elapse, during which time I found out all kinds of poems that needed writing, and some non-fiction articles, too, and also I did some home education all day every day, but I didn't know what happened next in this story.

Until last night, as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. A little window opened in my mind, and I saw . . . well, about three hours' worth of action and interaction which advances the story a few painstaking inches forward and also casts what has happened heretofore in such a light that I had to go back and adjust some things, so that they would represent what really happened and not what I thought happened, back when I couldn't see quite so far.

And so it goes. I really wish I had a better working method for fiction writing than "run until a wall looms up, hit it, and fall down,"  but I don't. Anyway, here is the new, improved, expanded, but still unfinished story:

Part One
Part Two
and now
Part Three

For a limited time I'll open up access to the story blog, so you don't have to subscribe. Not that subscribing costs you anything, but it's kind of a headache, especially when the story you've subscribed to dries up for, say, two years. Anyway, enjoy or whatever.

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Randy Parker said...

Sally, do you know about The Southern Poetry Anthology? There will eventually be a volume for every Southern state and a few regions. The reason I'm bring it up is two-fold. First, The Tennessee volume is just out (I'm on page 180). There may be other poets you know and know of (Charles Wright!) in it. And, second: North Carolina is up next! The editors do not do a good job of keeping their website up to date, which is The Facebook page is actually more informative:

Not sure if they are calling for NC submissions yet, but if you are interested, you should email the editor William Wright from the website and get the low down.

Hope things are going well! I bookmarked your novel chapters and hope to read them soon.