Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things and Thoughts

The purpose of learning is not to mold something formless into something having form. It’s not to perform a kind of soul-alchemy by which human dross becomes gold. What is human is not dross, in God’s vision as articulated by the Church, or in Miss Mason’s vision, either. It is not clay. It has within itself, “especially if it accepts the inspiration of the Christian faith,” the capacity to create and sustain civilization.

Me, at Things and Thoughts:  Catholic Homeschooling and Charlotte Mason 

Check it out!


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Janet Cupo said...

Boy, I thought I went a long time between posts.


Sally Thomas said...

I seem to be done here.

Eva said...

How come? Have you given up blogging?

Sally Thomas said...

Hi Eva --

I'm realizing that I haven't thanked you for your email of some time ago, with German resources -- so, many thanks! And apologies for letting that slip through the net.

And yes, I think I have given up blogging for the time being. I was finding it harder and harder to come up with posts that felt worth writing, and as my youngest children get older, and their school and extracurricular demands become more intense, I find myself with less time. The time I do have to write is given to poetry and fiction, which is what I really want to accomplish.

Also, I'll be teaching for Homeschool Connections this coming school year -- poetry classes in the fall and spring -- so am directing a good bit of energy towards putting those courses together. So what with one thing and another, this blog, at least, seems to have run its course. At some point I might resurrect it or start another, but every time I start to think about it, it just seems like too much work!

Eva said...

Hi Sally,

I completely understand! I was just curious why you weren't writing anymore :). Now I have a question for you. You said you will be teaching for Homeschool Connections. Would you mind sharing (via e-mail) what the technology is like in order to do this? I am teaching at the college right now, but will have to do one online course in 2015. I would love to know how Homeschool Connections is doing this, how you record lessons, etc. If you have the time, I would love to hear how it works.

Thanks in advance!


Ben Thomas said...

I don't know too much right now -- just that I'll need a webcam and mic, both of which I have. They'll do a tech training program with me before the term begins,so I'll know more then.

I have done tutoring via an online interface before, through Wyzant, and I understand that this is not dissimilar -- there's a webcam, so students can see you (I don't think you see them), a whiteboard feature for powerpoint and other presentations, and a chat feature by which students communicate. It may be that they can communicate by audio as well -- I know they have to wear headsets.

One thing I want to do soon is look into whiteboard apps that can be written and typed on. The whiteboard Wyzant uses is very clumsy and hard to manipulate, and I want something where I can write out, say, a line of a poem with scansion. If I can do desktop sharing, having my own more manipulable whiteboard would be a good thing.

I will let you know more when I know. The tech side of things is a little daunting! I have thought some about buying a new computer . . . the one I have now (a Macbook bought in 2010) has been very good, but is becoming sluggish. I suppose I could declutter it! But I'm starting to feel the need for a kids' computer for my middle-schoolers to work on, so this might be my excuse to pass this computer on to them and get myself a newer, possible bigger one (this one's a 13-inch -- I'd like at least a 15-inch) that I could write off as a business expense. But we shall see.

Sally Thomas said...

Oh, whoops. Guess who was doing Khan Academy last on this computer. See "kids' computer," above.

Eva said...

Thanks so much for the explanation. Are those apps free of do you have to buy them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

I miss your blog posts but have just read your post from March and that makes sense ('can still enjoy your poetry with my copy of Brief Light).

I work for the Catholic paper of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia and would love to speak with you about your poetry and your prose writing, and about the purpose and power of literary things, generally.

If you're open to it, my email address is rthiini at gmail dot com (I prefer this to my work address robert dot hiini at catholicweekly dot com dot au).

Pax Christi,